June 17, 2014



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Ashley Hansen is the organic eater and blogger to Strawberries & Wine. She is 27 years young, not married, just quit her 9-5 corporate job to work in a brewery, and calls her boyfriend’s 100lb German shepherd her fur baby. When she first turned 27, her boyfriend teased her that she was pretty much a thirty year old. But is thirty really THAT scary? Her lifestyle involves growing a garden of vegetables and fruits, dancing and a side of wine.

Ash, grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona and currently lives with her boyfriend, a dog (or wolf), and a few chickens. She works as a server/ bartender, Wednesdays are spent teaching dance and is planning to go back to school. So, to answer the initial question who is she?  She’s still figuring it out, but at least she can say that she is enjoying the road to her happiness.


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Jennica Maes is the photographer and second blogger to Strawberries & Wine. She is 28 years young and a minimalist with an eye for antiques and design. Her lifestyle involves simplicity, minimalism, healthy eating, a little bit of meditation and an itch to travel.

Jenn grew up in a Chandler, Arizona, but her heart belongs with the mountains in Colorado. She has a 1 sister and 2 brothers. She studied Interior Design at Northern Arizona University and currently is a Creative Producer & Photographer. Time spent renovating her tiny condo & lifestyle has taught her about the simple things in life, and to embrace each one.


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